What do you think the unadded skills will be?

I think vindicators ultimate art is a buff


are you rb1 and why did you put drugs in my belly button

rb1 strikes again :pensive:

they swipe your credit card in your heart
do credit cards exist in arcane lore or is everybody in it poor

I think it looks like eliuses move where he leaps into the air before slamming, but the attack part is probably another skill

or you flap your swords like wings

lol nah it aint rb1 just a friend of mine from a differnt community you wouldn’t get it :niceman:
ps. yall still fear rb1?

rb1 is the william afton of the ao community

i thought for a second that you copied those pictures from voxlblade lol
but they look really nice

rb1 is definitely to be feared