What do you think the unadded skills will be?

idk here are what I think some of them are gonna be


What the hell is ultimate art heartbreaker tho

You enter a long term relationship with them and then break up with them. It’s an ultimate art because of how long and complex it is (after you are most of the way through the ability, it will activate on death as well)


sea leagues matches are gonna last like 10 years

what are these supposed to be?

the axe and the supercharged arrow look cool tho

seismic rift and bow breaker idk the rest except for primal slam

It’s the technique used by doctors when your credit card declines to pay for the heart surgery but the procedure was already done.

oh I see

Probably a combo type skill with a slam type finisher with an animation that makes the sword pierce through the heart, likely causing the enemy ending pose to be similar to the corpse of General Zaix.

Nice drawings btw.

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Bow Breaker - you break the bow and pull out a gun

you get a paintball gun and also a safe for responsible gun ownership (someone PLEASE get this reference)

i assume heartbreaker would be a powerful grab where you stab the sword right into the other guy’s heart (but ao character survives because magic energy or some shit idk)

i hope one of them is raging storm so i can cosplay as the exiled

You break bow and you get 60 second use of dual-swords

Soaring Eagle (the new dual sword skill) will probably just look like Rising Tide but with two swords

Mom can we have [Rising Tide]?
We have [Rising Tide] at home, dear.

[Rising Tide] at home: [Soaring Eagle]

i want to see more cinematic grabs kinda like how u said here.

sword ult art that bisects the target upon successful kill (nah, id win)

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what are you doing here

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