What do you think your boss theme would be?

Basically. Imagine endgame where a bunch of level 100- 300s attempt to kill you. When you’re level 1000 What would your boss theme be while they try to do it?

Already got one for muhself

Nah just kidding I have even more than that.

And finally

Yes I just posted a musiclist of hype music. Quiet let me post :frcryin:


This would play, but I’d die in one hit

Benny hill theme


Omega Alpha - Ridiculon | Super Meat Boy Forever: In-Game - YouTube


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yes. Just yes. Only yes

that is eerie

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(shoot, didnt mean to put the timeframe on there)

shoutout to @Robotstics for posting this one somewhere

Boku no pico trap remix

It’s good

Can you people stop? I’m running out of military grade napalm again.

nvm this shit hurts my ears


Oh god I hate this video so much, it creates like a visceral feeling of fear inside me unlike any other video I have ever seen.

This or this

Edgy I know

Anything that doesn’t strike any fear into my enemies

yours would be this

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