What do you want to happen to the old boss drops after ao releases?

  • Replace them with something of equal value
  • Keep them as a sort of reward to the player’s who played wom

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lets not force people to play wom for a good reward and just let them grind in ao


tbh id like the armour to be turned into vanity



Honestly I didn’t even think of that I just wanted to keep boss drops

i mean it has to get converted to something else / stay vanity or else minotaur turns into wizard with agility

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I just did the poll to see what everyone preferred since I personally wanted to keep boss drops but people might think otherwise

Breaking the lore I see
Time to do the funny

limited edition minotaur exiled vanity gear :mariomug:

prob reskinned and put somewhere in game


it’s my personal theory that boss drops are just gonna remain the same but with a new coat of paint put on it, might be limited items, might not be, just my personal theory on what they’ll become :nod:


replace them with new boss drops :fr: