What do you want your AO character to look like?

is it ok if i have a femboy non maid 60 strength build with the biggest kicking things and magics that allow for maximum destruction and trolling

So you have one?


(well, not yet at least)

anything that is a maid and uses a crazy build and you just go around fucking up everything works

why do people make maid a strength build?
do yall just forget claws are a weapon type?

ok here it is rate it /10
Warm Water Wom 1
Warm Water Wom 2
Warm Water Wom 3
not really great angles, would be better with red hair but I prefer the current colour

I will

Woman, Old man, Old woman, Man, Woman, Kid

funny hair clip
bro has a knife :cold_face:

:nerd_face: / 10

55° is a pretty good angle, most people would’ve fallen

also how did you get bent 55°

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sleep emote + broken emotes

this was the special kind that breaks the emotes a certain way that handstand looked exceptionally sus with maid fit, not the hover magic mind you

Because maid items are the only affordable strength build