What does Angel and Rupin really look like in AA

back then im too young to play AA so i dont really know how angel and rupin rlly look like

do they rlly look like this or do they had like…different set of clothes or whatever?

don’t know what to say… i guess they had a physical appearance in AR only

all we had for rupin was a gfx that vetex made around 2016 of him and trigno fighting
he had a red pirate hat and a red pirate captain cloak, no pauldrons

nothing for angel

im about 80% sure angel isnt in AA shes from the AA webtoon made by LittleShrekSheep and then added into AR

can you link it?

Angel didn’t exist in AA

you should be able to find it if you go through the pictures of the adventure story twitter acc

i dont have access to twitter rn so i cant

nvm i found one of the pics


Wasnt Angel planned to be in AA? I know she wasn’t directly in it but I’m pretty sure she was supposed to be there eventually

nope, Angel was way after AA’s death. Angel was there to continue where AA left off in the webcomic

of course this can be said otherwise but hey

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Angel isn’t cannon so there’s that

thank you so much :sob: :+1:

kind of wonder if one piece logic work here

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