What does "fighting style effects can be imbued on weapons" even mean?


“Magic is usable with each fighting style if you go for a Warlock build” makes a lot of sense. (I.E. You have fire magic and the boxing fighting style, the visuals would change so that fire surrounds your first and hitting people with skills would cause the burning status effect.)

But what exactly does imbedding “fighting style effects” on weapons even mean? Is it just going to change some of the visual effects or boost damage? Kinda confusing ngl

we dunno exactly what it means yet but it probably means that fighting styles can be used in combination with weapons somehow


Martial arts/Sword i think

Pretty sure it means the gimmick of the fighting style. For example, Knocking Fist would make weapons slow and eventually get paralyzed, Boxing would knock targets back, Radius would extend hitboxes, etc.


Fighting styles are meant to have unique effects at higher levels, such as Thermofist producing heat, sailor fist soaking the opponent, etc.

I’m assuming that’s what it’s referring to


i think you apply the gimmick of the fighting style to the weapon

so like vampirism imbued weapons would have lifesteal, thermo would have increased speed over time in exchange for dmg, etc.

it honestly sounds really cool and would make combat a lot more interesting (personally)


i doubt it would keep the special gimmick of fighting styles except for simple ones like lifesteal, but it definitely sounds possible for thermo to burn, knocking fist to paralyze (probably like lightning) or boxing to give knockback


Makes the most sense so far but sounds kinda weird

fighting style effects will be applied by weapons on hit

i thought it would like kinda merge a fighting style move with a weapon move, like combining a kick with a spear jab or something
not sure how that would work tho

I can see customizable skills which are grabs that let you customize the combo, mixing in hand to hand combos and weapon attacks. Owning different fighting styles and weapons would unlock different starters and enders(boxing/hammer ender has enhanced knockback, sailor fist/thermo ender is stronger if the meter is full and gives soaked, crane style/spear starters has a longer hitbox, etc)

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while that does sound plausible, it’s still uncertain how “high level” it means for things like thermo or sailor, and while thats likely to be around the same time as first awakening, i also think that it wouldn’t make sense to have weapons be imbued with just the status effects given by fighting styles; you’re imbuing the ends without the means.
The gimmicks described in most of the fighting styles listed so far don’t seem too far off from being able to apply to weapons; nor does it seem too difficult to code

i dont think it’s too unreasonable to imagine a weapon imbued with thermo gaining speed over time, a weapon with sailor being affected by salt water, a weapon with impact fist being buffed by charge, or a weapon with karate buffing that weapon’s grabs.

while this is all in theory, i think it’d be really cool to have this sort of thing

now i’m just imagining a spear taped to someone’s shoe

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A lot of fighting styles are in a way based on elements, but I’d imagine the ones that aren’t (let’s say Crane style) will extend your weapons reach somehow, just as kicks are probably longer range than punches.