What does luck potion actually effect

I am just wondering before i start trying to grind resources for it

chest drops

no boss drops?

idk it might

Fishing? I’d assume

From what i can gather it mostly delves into fishing and does what basically the lucky enchant on fishing rods do.

I doubt it has any effect on chests/bags and especially boss drops tho.


Nvm it does affect chests and the like. (Still a no on boss drops). Im not gonna complain about the extra stuff but i mostly see it being more practical when fishing.

They affect the drop rate of every rare item in the game;

golden fish %, giant fish %, gems from rocks, gems from chests, scrolls from chests, enchant scrolls from sealeds, etc

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If i remember you get +10%(per tier) luck to everything

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They better change that lol

Can confirm, I unloaded probably 20-25+ sealed chests and got a vindicator, 1-2 rare scrolls (can’t remember what exactly), and a ton more jewels than I usually would get

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time to make a luck potion and open 50 sealed chests.

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You would just get +50% chance at best(tier 5)

better than base. and I don’t have any legendary fish scales.

Hey, I just found this post after having the same question as op did, and I know I’m way late to the party here, but I just wanna ask if the luck effect still works if you have your quartermaster unload the chests instead

chest drops (sealed count too)
boss drops
substat % of a jewel
i dont know what else

Luck 5 fishing just gives you items and no fish