What does your magic mean about your personality

Tell me!!!

idk what wind is meant to be

normally goes with the flow

can get stubborn sometimes though

I like to have independence

and uh I like living in my head?

Is either actually Antarctica or hates hot days

People who use shadow are edgy. That’s all.

Well poison is my favorite and im also narcisstic so there is that :person_shrugging:

i feel like people are usually both about that

wood users are horny

crystal users hate themselves

glass users are sociopaths


ink users are nonexistent

I use water. it good.

sacrifice users just love playing unfathomably hard videogames (me)

i use lightning

it means i want to switch off it immediately once ao releases

Fire: The jump control skill (E, iirc) and Firestorm in AA is just cool enough to make people stick to it on other games.

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based lightning user AND pfp??? unheard of!!

also btw have you gotten surveyor tower yet (I have it and it’s pretty decent but NOT worth the mental trauma and lag that was final fortification)

good ig, alright for early game (sniper still better) and the damage buff from top path makes it worth the pain imo, would use it if it DIDN’T SOFTLOCK THE GAME FROM TOO MANY OF IT.

lets not talk about tbz more on this topic pls ty

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