What guild features would you want added in AO?

Personally I’d like to create my own city in the islands I capture. Would be a nice feature to possibly sell some of the worstless junk you have to marketers so they can sell it to other people.

you knew what you were doing when you make that title

(mind if I change it rq?)

I know this is gonna happen in the building update, but I want the same ability to create structures on captured islands, hopefully with more variety this time.

Rules to war so I can intentionally violate them

that actually sounds like a cool community project.

It’s safe to say but I think people might still be pissed off on what happened today…

There would be a chance that NPC ships would spawn in as a part of some notorious pirate group or something, these ships’ crew would be much more powerful and killing all of them would result in a certain amount of infamy depending on the difficulty of the ship

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Infamy? If you meant for pirate clans wydm

dude wth

I wrote it wrong

guild features not pirate clans
and infamy is already part of guild features fyi

Oh ok.

i get infamy when someone combat logs on me

How about instead of just gaining infamy from hunting down that one innocent player in a guild down all over the map just to gain +1 infamy, I’d like infamy from capturing islands.

i want big island 4 war

Imagine being in that mess as a guildless player

  • Combat log infamy
  • More things such as another desc showing requirements to join/rules
  • A title above your head depending on what rank you are in a certain guild
  • Teleportation to your guild members (Shows if online on the game)
  • Guild chat
  • Logs were guild co-owners and owners can look at on their guild
  • Island capture where you can “call” for NPCs and such or more UI’s to build (If you lost the capture the NPCs either die to the player or just run, these npcs cost cash money)
  • Just for fun, a cap on your shirt like random police wear depending on what clan you’re in

Idk npc on a captured island example if the island was neutral they would be called rouge’s ( rouge swordsman) and then when captured the npc will be Insertguildname swordsman

Formal alliances probably, enemies too ig. Allies will have a star by their name or something for you/your guild. Let’s them know “oh hey they’re cool”.

For enemies could just be like a red star and lets them know “oh hey, I should kill them, we’re at war or smth”. Could also maybe give extra infamy but I doubt it since top guilds would just label everyone as an enemy for faster infamy gain. So maybe not the best idea.

NPC guild members idk