What? ( Guy with 3k health)

Just got killed by a guy that had almost 3k health
He had berserker awakening so his main stat is streght
I only have 1.5k health, like how is it possible

probably completly focues on health with his gear, so a defense amulete (fair) and other stuff. and everything enchanted

Im 1.5k health with a defense amulete (fair) and savant awakening (got 40 points in vitality) whick kind gear does all that defense come from?

points in vitality bruh

the guy was awakened berserker
if he had those many points in vitality he would be a juggernaut

hi! As a Savant who has 2k+ HP and only 60 points in vitality - its all gear!

I can personally get over an extra 1k+ HP entirely from gear alone, and my gear isnt even fully maxxed out yet! I imagine it’s possible to reach such a level given you max out the highest defensive gear !

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The gear ur using is the best defensive one in the game?
And whats the name of it if you dont mind me asking :slight_smile:

I do not have the best gear in the game!

Im currently using General Argos’s helmet, titanium leggings and the centurion chestpiece but I imagine there are much better than the ones im using!

Aight ty
Does anybody know whats the best defensive gear in the game?

guy probably had full hard sunken iron (or maybe titanium) with hard archon quartz amulet, and a hard cernyx faulds or something similar

Iirc there used to be a method to get your awakening first and then put your stat points into whatever you want. He might have done that and then spent most if not all of his stat points on vitality

cernyx faulds dont give any defense if Im not wrong

cernyx faulds do give defence

then the wiki is wrong :confused:
And isnt a defense amulet (fair) better than a archon quartz amulet?

i have heard that archon quartz is better

I have the 2 and defense amulet fives more 30 defense though
Archon quartz amulet gives 18 more attack speed on the other hand

have they got different enchants?

the defense amulet is nimble

Sounds like he use fist, which have an ability called focus. It temporarily increases your hp

I believe the best defensive gear in the game at the moment is the Titanium and Ravenna Centurion Armor. (Same stats; around 305 defense), so to give the best defense stats in the game it’s like

  • Hard Titanium/Cent Helmet
  • Hard Titanium/Cent Chestpiece
  • Hard Titanium/Cent Leggings
  • Hard Defense Amulet (Fair)
  • Hard Lady Carinas Faulds

These should be roughly the best armor in the game, likely giving a little over 1k Defense