What happened to conjurer

im a crystal conjurer since day 1 and bleed synergies seem to be completely broken as i cant inflict bleed anymore with any of my moves and only with my m1s

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Common Vetex W.

Common Vetex W.

well? is it broken or not if its not broken and this is intentional im reseting my stats to become a warlord instead

it does seem to be broken rn, maybe wait a day or two for a new patch

Its broken (i am a lightning conjurer paitently waiting for bleed synergies to be unbugged so I can do a free 10% damage)

If you have every weapon imbued you are putting crystallised effect over your bleeding effect. Use non- imbued weapons for once.

? why do warlocks get to inflict both effects in a single hit but conjurers cant
its not like conjurer was broken anyway dont know why they had to ruin it like that
using non imbued weapons would ruin my crystalize since the stacks dont stay on for too long

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