What happened to suncry and crimson crescent

IIRC crimson crescent already disbanded when I stopped playing, but I was fairly sure suncry was still around. What happened to them? I also saw that doge nation was disbanded recently but I’m guessing that’s an average Tuesday thing.

couldnt keep up with the holy light of noble

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crimson crescent disbanded. i think theyre just a friend group now but ive heard nothing from them for nearly a year

suncry is technically still around. but the clan is dead. went through more clan leader swapping, and they couldnt keep up with the activity of newer clans, so they sorta died


Noble losin

New age clans pretty much ran them out of the clan business. Suncry held on for pretty long, about as long as I was thinking(it was inevitable that most of their members would just join newer, more fun clans anyway), and Crimson Crescent was done for from the start. I think it lasted maybe four or five months until they self destructed(although I’m pretty sure the self destruction wasn’t the only thing that ruined their clan, they were a big target for other clans too due to being a LB PVE clan)

i think crimson crescent just got bored :woman_shrugging:

suncry was doomed from the start as soon as i sorta realised the constant swapping of leaders would eventually kill the clan i hopped ship
suncry blew up in wom since it had stuff that made it stand out from other clans. that being its pvp legion if anything. suncry isnt the only clan with good pvpers now, and all their good pvpers left to different clans anyways

deep stuff happened like dressrosa underground shit deep stuff level type

Crimson Cresent? Suncry? What are you talking about Arcane Adventures got it’s 5th sea update and its absolute peak.


I was systematically killing off Suncry members. That’s why you don’t see them around anymore, because they came across the dark force that is myself.

I’m pretty sure that in the early months I also saw something about Suncry having very shitty (as in unreasonably high) infamy quotas and them prioritizing infamy more over getting actual skilled players to join the clan

Not saying this was the nail in the coffin for them, since they still required good stats and probably tryouts too but as far as I’m aware they pretty much lost their status over the community because of reasons people stated before

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Man I wish


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bad game = no play


ah yes, the alternate universe where roblox didn’t break arcane adventures