What happened to the Church of Iris?

I haven’t seen them on the leaderboard in a long time.

Gone. Reduced to atoms. (hopefully)

most of their active members moved to exodus iirc

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thank god that clan aint on the leaderboard no more

They fell off hard

I assumed their leader was caught doing typical clan leader stuff (grooming minors) and they disbanded slowly

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I- This is a sentence to read as you return to your PC. I need context.

it just feels like every other huge clan leader is eventually bitch-slapped with the ever present and always returning “exposure document”, it’s almost just commonplace now lol.

Concerned, I am! But I’m more scared of the people I’ll interact with now!

i haven’t seen @GalleonThief in forever too

I absolutely despise that pfp (galleonthieve’s, I dunno how to feel about ur cropped NSFW Nicky :pensive:)

sanguiris has some weird shit against them iirc
but don’t say shit like that abt my boy presonce :sob:

Allied clan hr

GalleonThief quit ao
Presonce moved to Exodus after some drama happened between a member and one of their most active members, Sanguiris. Iirc Sanguiris started getting angry and he did a bunch of things that messed with the server, eventually Presonce had to trick him into giving him ownership of the in-game clan and after that he did not do much with it anymore since he left for Exodus, hrs slowly started leaving and the clan hasn’t seen much action since then.

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why would you even care lol

Not quite sure. I just thought it’d be back at the top again.
Simps are determined

It was all ironic but people took them way too serious than they actually are

They were chill when they were still around


[What happened to the Church of Iris?]

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shut up

im going to listen to your wise words

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