What happened to the Claiming Flag?

I was sailing to Thorin’s Refuge to purchase a claiming flag (because if I remember correctly that’s where you could purchase them) but there were none in stock.
I checked the inventory of everyone in the server to try and trade for one, but none had it.
I still have yet to find one. Why? What happened? Do they even exist anymore? And if so, what will you take for one I’m getting somewhat desperate

If your in a clan, you get one automatically.
Vetex removed having to buy/find them and just made it so you always have one if your in a clan.

Really? So do I get the item automatically, or does it only show up when you’re on a claimable island? 'Cause I don’t see one in my inventory.

ig I can sell u


you should just have one, it could be bugged

sorry for necroposting but i also cant get one, even after being in a clan