What happens to characters with removed magic for Arcane Odyssey?

Ink, Paper, and Gold are all being removed (personally I’m sad paper is going since I liked it a fair bit) but what happens to characters with their magic? do they just get a do-over and pick a new magic or are they the ONLY users of Ink, Paper, and Gold after the update. and if Ink Paper and Gold users are getting a do-over then does everyone get one or… god thinking about this hurts my head.

everyone gets their magic reset when you first use the file

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they suffer from heart disease and die

they do a durza

Every player starts from level 1 and re-chooses their magic (don’t worry things like inventory will be saved)

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Files in general are basically being reset. Aside from inventory and maybe stats (like player kills, hours played, etc) everything is being set back. You can even re-name files.

forced to choose a new magic

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you get forced to pick another magic (also ink and paper make no sense at all)

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they do not but I love paper since it’s just silly and goofy and honestly kinda fun, especially since it’s just papercuts that obliterate people’s soul.

Paper seemed like a cool idea but ink had no reason to exist and gold and iron being separate was useless as well.


paper and ink were cool

I liked Paper.

upon release, guilds, crowns, levels and im pretty sure stats are removed. any cultural weapons or armor or accessories are also deleted. you rechoose your magic and first/last names

Well gold will just be a metal variant now

I don’t think this has been confirmed to be removed yet

I wouldn’t be surprised if they were though

do wonder when we’re going to see the weapon appearances of them again tho cause it was mentioned a long time ago around the start of tgr that cultural weapons would comeback for anyone to use and what not

eh very likely not since the new ‘cultural items’ are just island based weapons like in ar