What has Happened to Us?

Two different dudes, white eyes pfp is q_ari
femsells pfp is an f and a $

God is dead and we killed him. Millions must convert to Satanism.

:face_holding_back_tears: mfs changing throughout the period of time they live through:

“what has been happening to roblox is a mystery why is everyone so toxic”

the people that played the game 7 years ago have mysteriously aged 7 years into annoying teenagers. rocket science

tbh the current era of “guh parry-based = skill” games aren’t doing us much good either

Referring to certain youtubers that focus on roblox content and complain a lot.

dan and a plethora of other youtubers are absolute legends and remain cool

I mean I get that but I’m also one of those used to be 7 year olds and sit at teenager age right now. There is no excuse to act like that.

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