What headcanon personalities do you think the magics have?

Gonna use my favorite magics as an example:

:wood_magic_var1: "hey bbg :wink: "

:acid_magic_var1: “brooooo… like… what’s up… ha…”

:sand_magic_var1: “what do YOU want?!?”

:fire_magic: “hello.”

:snow_magic: “my mommy says I’m special”

:lightning_magic_var1:YOU SHOULD-


:poison_magic_var1: “EHRE SEI DEN VETEX-SPIELEN!!!”

:light_magic_var1: “oh my god crystal remember the time we went to the mall and like we saw metal magic standing in the corner and he was acting so manly and hot and it was sooooo embarassing because you started blushing??!”


:gold_magic_var1: :

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…what personality is this supposed to be?

:water_magic_var1: would probably be “trying to sound cool and mysterious, but just sounds pretentious”

dark gonna be the the emo kid

:ice_magic_var1:: i see as kinda kiddy, it’s very blue ice and warlock imbue is socker boppers
:ice_magic_var2:: i see as completely neutral, trying to stay out of everything
:ice_magic_var3:: master wu
:ice_magic_var4:: like ice but more magical, magic nerd (totally not biased)

for ice as a whole i guess i could see perseverance and patience as some attributes

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:glass_magic: (whatever julian has going on)