What how?


what on god’s green earth is THAT
isn’t the level cap supposed to be 1000? what exploiter showed up and cranked this guy to 20?
can they even do that?

idk man found it on discord

It’s an NPC Rear Admiral, this bug is kinda like MC Majors spawning in WOM

except four times as powerful

also i knew itwas an npc that’s why i was questioning if an exploiter could mess with it

holy shit this person has like probably every single magic ever created at this point

Oh, hell nah, RIP villians.

adkins ready to give some smackins ;-;

idek if we’ll be able to out dps the dude at lvl 1k, but who knows, we might be able to reasonably shave his 3 million hp

If we ever find another one make sure they never despawn and get a bunch of people (or forums) to raid-boss them. Maybe even juice them with throwing potions if we feel like it.


old bug
but i wish it stayed

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Found the guy that beats goku

He can stomp Arsen too. Gonna prove it bc i’m bored.

Calcs used for adkins:

Damage Calc (as of WoM) = (19 + level + gear) * Magic * Charge * Spell * Interaction * length. Lowballing by making Charge/Spell/Interaction/Length = 1 | Gear = 0 and | Magic = 0.75 (he uses poison lmfao)

Power Level Calc (as of AA) = (Player Level + Magic Level + Strength Level) * 20
Magic and strength level == 0.

Stats Adkins (Lowballed) Arsen (Holding Back)
Level 20,080 1250
Health 313,117 25,000
Power Level 401,600 1,712,035
Damage 20,099 (Per Q) 300-2000 (Depending on move used)
Total 754,896 1,740,585

This is assuming adkins has no gear, no stats invested (bc stats affect damage in AA but not in AO), and a low damage affinity magic like poison.

Actual curbstomp.


Wow the chart broke

Imma try and fix it

Edit: Fixed

bro got a lit too much power

Fact that its only a REAR admiral, cant imagine a fucking navy admiral or a admiral king

this guy vs alpha white eyes who wins

you kidding me? the rear admiral could take on at least like 100 alpha white eyes what that much HP and god knows how much damage :skull:

this may become an inside joke…

ngl, having a raidboss type feature in AO would be amazing, players team up to fight extremely powerful NPCs like this.

Reminds me of the crazy battles in WoM where people teamed up to battle against the minotaur/exiled, good times.

Bro… It was 4 month ago. , Theres not enough time to be “good time”

Makes me wonder if Vetex will break the level cap for Admiral NPCs to make them a little bit special than the rest of the Navy NPCs