What if 5 people with one of the 5 Grand Fire Curses each fought each other?

Pretty much, theres 5 people who each have one of the five Fire Curses, and they’re about to duke it out. Also, every person involved is an extremely powerful/skilled wizard

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If they are on the same skill level it’s all about strategy. Also a couple islands would probably be destroyed.

The whole world would probably explode since durza vs theos destroyed half of it

Thats cause durza did a funi and exploded

Not in the fight against theos

He only exploded against the pk

No both times he released a massive amount of energy, just against pk is was basically self destruct.

literally death, the Earth would be scorched to hell

think scorch magic was the weakest of them werent it?

pretty sure it is aethreal ( promethean → inferno and darkflame → scorch → aethreal )
unless you forgot it exist then it’s understandable

ah yes it exists, yeah i forgot.
was kinda thrown off by the number 4 :P.

They would have the greatest most epic gangbang ever recorded in history and then go insane and fucking die

The Theos fight result was him pouring a ton of magic energy into one attack and shooting it at Theos, not him becoming a magical suicide bomber

O ok

scorch has the most explosive power so if they all blasted each other they’d get flung by the explosion

If they all fought Aethereal Flame would get one shot by the others simply breathing :+1:

cant underestimate blindness

I will underestimate blindness thank you very much :nod:

sensing exist

well considering you got other Grand Fire Users to sense, especially Darkflame, that would be pretty difficult