What if arcane odyssey isn't good

Aren’t you a tester tho. Aren’t you enjoying the game in its current state or is it because you don’t have free time to test out AO.

I’d ditch using the random savings I have to buy AO stuff, and go get / save for some other game that I’ve wanted to play since forever / as a 1st time experience.

wild savannaHHAHAHAHAH

in reality i would probably still play it since I waited 2 years for it to come out

I would doubt it won’t be good.
but I’m sure there will be some who complained just like when Deepwoken first released

Arcane Odyssey is not going to be bad.

Even if it isn’t a 10/10 game, it won’t be bad and at least it’ll be better than WOM or deepwoken(seriously a permadeath RPG? seriously?)

Eh probably just stop playing roblox like Divanochi said or something, DW and AO are literally the last threads of strings keeping me bound on the platform so maybe i’d play DW every time they like drop a major update or something :person_shrugging:

However if it isn’t good then whatever, I’ll just do whatever it was I was doing before AO(which was pretty much nothing).

AO will be a better RPG than DW

as much as I enjoyed the DW as a game, it failed to be a good RPG in many way.