What if arcane odyssey isn't good

would you just go back to ar/deepwoken or try to hold onto hope

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Probably just move on from roblox mostly as a whole, there aren’t many games keeping me on here anymore. Most new games coming out seems like it’ll be an overhyped bandit beater with good graphics, or just a pvp grind fest and those don’t interest me quite as much as they did over a year ago


splatoon probably, but i think it’ll be good

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i would be fucking sad as hell. tho would play deepwoken more, but man.

tho i have zero doubt in my mind that i will 100% enjoy arcane odyssey

Probably quit roblox and grind the hell out of the upcoming Hitman 3 Freelancer gamemode, though I doubt it’ll keep me busy for long.

i would still keep playing as a method of coping

as divanochi said move on from roblox assuming something else fun doesnt come out around the time ao does, other than that be disappointed for like 5 seconds then go play some of my steam games i havent played yet

go outside


ar is an good game but it is old and deepwoken cost money. I am kinda moving away from Roblox so i don’t really care.

Bravo 6 here, Operation: Arcane Failyssey is a go.

I’d go back to waiting for Mega Man X Corrupted.

…It’ll come out soon.
…Maybe after I get a job.

here we go again ;-;

in this unlikely situation i’d prob deplatform myself off roblox for once unless DW has smth interesting. or a game that comes out thats decent enough to make me come back unless i’m playing smth thats gotten me hook line and sinker

Move on

I’d just leave Roblox since, unlike my 10 year old self when I first started playing Roblox, I can play better games than Roblox now

play more dota

stopped playing for like 2 years

I doubt it will be bad but if it was I would probably be very sad then most likely quit roblox lol.

i’ll finally beat (HEAVY SPOILERS: cosmic ocean) in spelunky 2
after that i’ll probably just play AL or make a terraria mod

i guess id just move on from ao, perhaps have my irl friends play with me sometimes (they know that im an ao tester and are trying to blackmail (partially a joke) me into sending illicit gameplay footage)

other than that i’d probably try to finish up getting a 100% in assassins creed black flag and perhaps play other steam games, since theres not really much going on in roblox

i already wont be able to play much at all and it probably wont get much better around may where im finishing my last college semester and have to find a job… but its not like if i was actively waiting for the game unlike some of you guys. if its fun on release ill try to play, if its not then guess ill check from time to time.

so now ill just go on a rant about having less free time and gaming being dry

theres nothing else remotely interesting on roblox and i feel like im reaching the end of my gaming life. nintendo is dry af and only has overpriced games releasing with 2 min of content and, even after all the updates, ending nowhere near the older games. i dont have a reason to get a different console, ive never been into solo pc games much and multiplayer ones are a hell to buy unless its free or super cheap. if it wasnt for xbox gamepass being almost free from time to time idk what id do

i dont know how i managed to constantly replay my old games before and still have as much fun if not more but i sure dont manage to do that anymore

theres like one game i wanted in the past year (spark of hope) and it was a complete waste of time. now im just waiting for breath of the wild 2 and hogwart’s legacy but theres many ways it could go wrong

so yeah i guess im slowly leaving videogames and moving in life. the past 2 years ive just been waiting for my semesters to end so i can go back home and pet my cats and i was using gaming to pass the time, but now theres nothing im really waiting for