What if Assassins were in AO?

So what would you guys think if Assassins were in AO.

Like the ones from dragon prince.

They could be more sneaky and dangerous then normal enemies of course.

Please I need opinions.

I can’t see stealth being a major factor in anything in AO.

Players couldn’t be assassins because NPCs will spot them instantly in any direction from 50+ meters away

NPCs couldn’t be assassins because their pathfinding is rather simple, I don’t think they’ll be sneaking up on you. Plus it wouldn’t be that hard to just spot one.

I think it sounds cool on paper but in practice it just wouldn’t work :nod:

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True I saw many people suggested it before and it seems like a cool ideas beforehand until you forget NPCS aren’t the stealthy type.

Assassins could have different movements then other NPCS we seen so far such as jumping in the trees and have their own unique weapons.

The only time I’ve ever been an assassin in WoM is when I would 20 Blast from a distance with my Light Magic, killing them if they move too late or not at all. That is one of the only examples I can think of concerning being an assassin in AO for players.

NPC Assassins are kinda unlikely as they would have to come look for you. The only way I see this possible is if you have some random assassin spawn near you in certain areas if you’re being tracked.

True but it would be cool seeing them in game

Didn’t you get suspended for posting suggestions

Yes but this is What If?

stealth wouldnt work because of power level sensing


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