What if the Arcane Trilogy had a fighting game spinoff?

What the title says. Who do you think would be the most overpowered character? The weakest, too? Of course, an Arcane Trilogy fighting game is 100% never happening, and I just came up with this rather ridiculous and random idea and I want to know what you think about it.

what is that

I mean, it’s possible but chances are it’d be more famous than AO anyways.

A fighting game is…a video game where the focus is fighting.

Look at Dragon Ball Fighterz for an example.

Fuck that, I’m maining Romulus and Theos because fuck yea

oh lol, was a bit confused by your wording

uh, online fighting exists.

man i can’t wait to unlock the Averill-With-A-Shirt Skin for my Averill main


no please, too cursed

Nerf Rupin and Morock pls

project arcane strike simulator ultimate

I cant wait to hack the game to unlock the secret Femtex character, and one shot everyone.