What if the Atlantic Slave Trade never happened?

I know it’s really weird to ask on a Roblox game forum, but it just happened to manifest in my head.

imagine if colonization never happened :exploding_head:


They’d probably just get slaves from elsewhere, like native Americans.

I’m pretty sure some slaves in the past were actually native Americans, but imagine the desecration to indigenous cultures if we took all our slaves from Indian tribes

If the slave trade were to never happen, I don’t think there would be a level of integration of different races as there is now. All the countries of the world would probably be something similar to Japan where countries are at peace with one another but there’s mainly one race within a country. Also, I think the desegregation of races would be held back another couple hundred years until we got to a point such as in today.

Honestly, a WHOLE ton of places would be doing way better than they are now.

For example, Africa. If the white man didn’t come and turn everything to shit, Africa could be among the world superpowers. I mean, Africa had gold, exotic animals, etc. The problem is, the people of Africa were too nice.

If their leaders didn’t instantly accept outsiders(which back then, was a pretty stupid move since you don’t know what they have), then maybe even if Africa became enslaved at least our people would be stronger today.

There wouldn’t be a point of that, would there? Slavery ruined many countries that could have been as successful as Japan. If there is no reason to go to another country, then why leave?

I guess that’s just me, but I feel like people would rather stay in their own country instead of going to other places. However, I do think segregation and what not could have still happened due to exploration.

Slavery is disgusting as a whole.

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the world would be pretty different.

they would just enslave themselves

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how and why though?

People want slaves, so they would just go and enslave whatever neighbouring country’s village is closest

I mean he’s not wrong, the tribes did do that

In my english class I learned that the way they distinguished slaves from humans (they are both humans. racist whites) was based on the skull shape since I guess european people had a more “human” skull