What if the Borealis shipwreck was in WoM?

As far as my knowledge goes, we know nothing about what happened to other well known locations in AA. Borealis could’ve well been destroyed and nothing remained of it, but, let’s put logic aside for a little bit.

We already see plenty of shipwrecks in WoM cause Magius was raised from the ocean floor. What if Borealis was also caught in the land of Magius and was raised, and turned into a trading location like it was in AA, or hell, what if it even turned into a bad rep city?

It’s a nice suggestion, but Vetex doesn’t like crossovers and I am pretty sure he doesn’t really do any big easter eggs like this. Unfortunately, the Borealis will just stay as a Portal/Half-Life thing.

It’s not really a cross-over or an easter egg either though, considering that WoM is in the same world as AA. It could make plenty of sense considering Magius was raised from the ocean floor.

Yeah but people will confuse that Borealis Shipwreck for the other Borealis Shipwreck from Half-Life. I am already confused and now I think this forum is for Half-Life

i’m talking about this shipwreck which was in AA.

well it would indeed be a good idea, but wouldn’t it have broken down over the years? I mean come on, that ship went through hell, first it got raided by the one shot pirates, then left out in the sea, whirlpools forming around it putting even more stress on it, sometimes pirates coming on and fights breaking out, and then an entire island was raised under it, the wood would’ve been too weak to withstand that.

But let’s put logic away, just like you said, what if there were some signs of the borealis shipwreck all over the world? maybe like little chest/resource caches?

Magius was raised from the 7th 5th and 4th sea iirc but definitely not the second so no

The Borealis either still exist in the same spot that it did or is sunken at the bottom of the sea floor in the 2nd sea. The Current Continent is composed of what was the 4th, 5th, and 7th Sea Floors,. Although with the size of the world map, Vetex could easily fit in the ruins of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6th seas as islands, since the Ruins of Alalea exist as well. .

Imagine if vetex was to add in ships and portions that contain the ruins of the 6th 3rd 2nd and 1st sea that you could visit ://

I meant like he could add the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd seas below magius, maybe universe it or not and then have the islands be sunken down underwater, flooded, abanonded, destroyed, etc. Would be great to see the the ruins of dawn, judgement, savaria, doom, etc

Best thing Borealis related we can hope for is one of them giant cannonballs. Doubt it survived the chaos over the years as it was already weak, but would be really cool to see. The best we can hope for may be finding an old AG galleon.

Na chances are magnuis is nowhere near where the borealis could be. Maybe a current but probably not. Though it would be nice