What if the Justice League was in Arcane Odyssey?

Ever since I saw a Reddit post or YouTube video about Green Arrow in Arcane Odyssey, I’ve wondered what would superheroes look like in this universe. This is my take on the Justice League if they were in this verse, and what their stat and armour build would be like:


  • Plasma + Ice + Basic Combat = Savant

  • Agility + Defense + Power + Attack Size

Wonder Woman:

  • Basic Combat + Sword & Shield = Warlord
  • Agility + Defense + Power


  • Basic Combat + Cannonball Fist = Berserker
  • Attack Speed + Intensity


  • Lighting + Basic Combat = Warlock
  • Agility + Attack Speed


  • Water + Trident = Conjurer
  • Attack Speed + Power

What do you guys think, and what other fictional characters, superheroes or not, do you think would look like in Arcane Odyssey?

na superman would be a warlock cause with second awakening you can get 2 magics/fstlyes

shii you right

nooooooo we need mcu

let me solo them

savant ur wrong

Batman might be a warlord cause he does user weapons fairly often too, most notably the baterang

i think that’s what the cannonfist is for

actually u right, he might be a fighting savant

yeye thats it

Conjurer? Why doesn’t aquaman conjure up some useful abilities besides talking to fish?

he can swim :fr:

My lawyers advised me not to make this joke