What if the leaderboard was removed from the game?

Would players like it or hate it? What would happen to the people who spent so long grinding for the spot?

  • The game would be so much better
  • Complete fucking disaster
  • Nothing much
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Most leaderboard players I know wouldn’t give a shit really, makes it harder to gank particular people though. And one of my friends really loves to do just that.

should i add a 3rd poll option where nothing much happens

Complete disaster for stage 4 gankitis players

Totally normal for everyone

“am i in heaven?”
but yea now no one gets ganked legally

if removing it makes it easier to get Uniforms from the Faction Clans, then ill be glad to have it removed

if not then its just whatever

assume removing it will make the requirements for drip a set number

Considering that most LB players I’ve met (it’s only a few that I actually met) complain about getting hunted everytime or witch-hunted it’d probably be better for them. (Also most of them are solos I assume without clans/friends)

Just remove it lol it’s the worst feature in AO, tied with the bounty board.

Might make me wanna join AS or GN for once instead of not bothering cos of gankers

someone would just make a list of players with the highest renowns, so out of game lb and it would be the same thing over again, like The Galleon LB (wich I think is retarded because it just shows who was lucky enough to be there when seasonals were worthless, heck, in wom, before we knew what would happen to boss drops they were worth less than them lmfao)