What if Theos lived?

So I thought to myself the other day.
What if Theos survived the fight against prometheus. Would he remain the same? Would the peacekeeper be needed? Would he guide the peacekeeper?
What do you guys think?

Who’s theos and since when did he die

If Theos didn’t die to Prometheus then he would’ve died to Durza. And the Peacekeeper would’ve died too, since Theos is rushing things and heading straight to Durza after third sea.

old age

He won’t be fighting anymore if he survived IMO. I think the situation can be similar to All Might’s retirement, where he mainly doesn’t fight anymore but still trains Deku, in this case, PK.

Later on, he can die from old age since he’s like 20 years from the absolute max limit of a Wizard

Says who? My guy was only like 600 years old, he was basically a youngster. (Im jk but I dont think he would have died of old age.)

Tech did, the absolute age limit for Wizard is 1k and Theos is around 980~
also mentioned in Sunrise Ravine that he was at the end of his Magic Prolonged life span

I know, I’m saying he would have not died within the story.

Well assuming he survives Prometheus, he would be extremely magically drained and fucked up so less likely to live longer

Its possible that he can die during the story if that happened IMO

Nothing a nap couldn’t fix

based comparison

what if theos lived?

it will not be dead

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