What if there were a magic school in Magius?

I had a thought just now, about what if there was a school in Magius. If there was I imagine that it’d be run by the MC, and teach new wizards about the laws behind using magic, and how to actually use magic effectively.

What do you lot think?


there would be alot more peace probs

Maybe for immersion but not something too important or useful as there would probably be only a few on the entire map if not a single one… and since it’s directed to beginners it has to be very accessive and easy to find/use (I don’t think it would really fit every culture to have one in almost every town or something).
A tutorial or guide section on your menu containing short documents about different features accessible anytime from the UI would be more useful for the whole teaching function, since the tutorial is very brief and incomplete currently.

What’s stopping someone from detonating the school

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Angry kid with explosion magic…oh no

Don’t come to school tomorrow, I have a flintlock.


hmm…sounds like some person from an anime where you become a hero-

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maybe in lore?

in game?
god no

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New tutorial. New players are spawned in a school universe to learn the game before teleporting to their hometown. Tutorial is only one time thing

some huge school thing
would totally overload new players

also, you’d still graduate as a weakling, so the whole thing would be pointless

Eh true :rofl:

This isn’t high school though, more like elementary where you could also learn about the MC


Teacher to new students: …so yea, that is how you increase your potential .
Student: Sir there is a kid outside charging magic
Teacher: That is quite normal
Student: He seems to know how to cast a spell too
Teacher: Remember the basics…ya’all can do it too
Student: Wow, explosion magic coming at you is beautiful
Teacher: Sure it is…Wait wha…
Exploding Explosive Explosion

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magic schools: exist
level 5k demons: no


someone animate this lmao

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Would be cool.

i would destroy it immedietaly : D

yesh we don’t need school in a game…

I’m not saying we need one, I just want to know what it’d be like lore-wise

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who knows, it would take a lot of time to make it seem alive