What if you could speak any language?


I mean what if they’re nice and they just were studying us

I want to be able to speak in everyone’s heads, and then say “I am your true god, and I have come to make you my prophet. Others who say so are lying, and must be cast away.”

I will watch the world burn.

mfw when i incite the omnicide of the entire human race:

also, how would it work on atheists? (and buddhists?)

(…and people who aren’t dogmatic?)


I’d finally be able to speak french without selling my soul.

Seriously, I cannot wrap my head around this shit.

I would speak a different language each day in an attempt to confuse people

I’ll finally figure out what the fuck this dude was saying if I’m able to do that :pray:

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Learn all of the languages I want (German, French, English, Spanish, Dutch, and many more). Revive/Save Dead Languages, may or may not publish it.

Then of course, learn Roblox LUA and we ball

I will learn the Russian curses from Tarkov’s scav voicelines