What if your WoM file was in Smash Brothers Ultimate?

There has probably been posts like this, but if your main WoM file was in Smash Bros. Ultimate, what would their moveset be? Make sure it’s balanced and not too many gimmicks.

Feel free to copy this template and fill it in with your character’s things. Maybe describe your character as well.

Here’s Fangs:


Standing: Crosses arms.

Walking: Casual walk

Sprinting: Floats above the ground slightly with some shadow magic under his feet.

Jump: Small version of WoM T-jump.

Double Jump: Does ice hover spell for a second and jumps off of it

Crouch: Kneels down

Dodge and air dodge: Teleports with Shadow Magic effects

Parry: Holds out a magic shield for a second.

Idle: Flaunts his Shadow Magic.

Fang’s weight is near the middle/light of the spectrum.

His running speed is fairly high, and greatly increased by Scythe form.

Jabs & Tilts

Jab: Swirls some snow magic infront of him before finishing with a small ice blast.

Forward-tilt: Slashes infront of him with Shadow Magic. If the bottom of this attack lands, it can do a small spike.

Down-tilt: Slides forward enhanced and elongated by Ice Magic.

Up-tilt: Releases a short-lasting shadow blast attack above him.

Air Attacks

Neutral-air: Releases some snow magic in the air around him.

Forward-air: Swipes in front of him with Shadow magic in his hand.

Up-air: Does a kick above him enhanced with snow magic.

Down air: Stomps below him with shadow magic, resembling a small high jump. Spikes the target and propels Fang upwards if landed.

Back-air: Elbows behind him with Ice Magic.

Smash Attacks

Forward Smash: Creates an ice explosion in front of him.

Up Smash: Creates a snow pillar explosion above him, tossing around enemies inside shortly.

Down Smash: Stomps the ground, making a shockwave shadow explosion.

Ledge & Throw

Ledge Grab: Holds on with two hands

Getup Attack: Jumps up and does a shadow blast attack downwards/forwards.

Grab: Ice spikes come from the ground in a circle, trapping the opponent.

Pummel: One spike rises up from the ground and stabs at the opponent.

Down Throw: The ice spikes all rise up from the ground and rotate inwards, burying the opponent. Can spike if done near the ledge.

Up Throw: The bottom of the spikes rotate towards under the opponent and fling them up.

Forward Throw: The spikes gather between Fang and the opponent and push them forward.

Back Throw: Fang grabs the opponent from the spikes and throws them back, also shooting a small shadow beam at them.

Special Attacks

Neutral Special: Fang floats in the air and creates a magic circle in front of him. He can be rotated in a 360 with the left joystick. Hold the button to charge the attack. When B is released, he will shoot a shadow blast.

Side Special: Fang floats in the air and creates a magic circle on the ground. You can control this magic circle with the left joystick. It can be held to charge the attack. When released, a shadow pillar explosion appears where the circle was.

Down Special: Fang floats in the air and creates a Shadow Magic shield in front of him. This can absorb projectiles. It can break by itself and if it absorbs too much damage, in which it will not be usable for a little bit. Once you let go of the button, you will release the shield. You can turn in 360 during this.

Up special: Fang uses a shadow high jump spell. This will propel you upwards quite far, and doesn’t put you into freefall. Cannot be used several times in the air.

Final Smash: Fang summons a ridiculously large shadow beam. If you spam B, it will last longer and do more damage to those caught in it. (See Gimmicks for his alternate Final Smash.


Gimmick #1: If an opponent is hit by one of Fang’s ice attacks and one of his snow attacks within a short amount of time, they can become frozen (Freezie effect.)

Gimmick #2 (More important): Once Fang reaches 100%, he will enter a different form and start using death magic. He’ll immediately heal 25%, his right eye will glow purple, and his movements will become more agressive. He will hold his purple death magic scythe. After about 30 seconds, Fang will be KO’d, and his form will disappear once he respawns, though it can be activated again once he reaches 100%.

All of his A attacks will now only use Fang’s scythe, such as forward-tilt swinging his scythe forward and up-tilt swinging it overhead. These attacks with his scythe will stun and deal large damage.

Sometimes, he will begin to phase and look very odd. His movement speed and jump will be increased greatly, his weight will decrease, ect. His special moves will all change.

Neutral Special: Fang floats in midair and prepares his scythe, he can be rotated 360 degrees with the left joystick. You can hold the button to charge. Once released, he will charge forward and slash anyone he hits.

Side Special: Swings his scythe forward, then performs a many-hit attack similar to Mythra’s Photon Edge.

Down Special: Releases a huge burst of Death magic, but damages him slightly in return.

Up Special: Teleport. Move the left analog stick to choose where he reappears.

During this form, Fang will sometimes randomly dodge attacks or counter, and will become increasingly hard to get. His grabs will also relate to his scythe. He will also have a new final smash.

Final Smash: Fang swings his scythe in front of him. He will then bring both of them up in the air while he continuously slices them with his scythe. He will them appear above them and deal a last blow, sending them downwards.


Each of Fang’s taunts have him show off his 3 different main magics. Up for snow, side for shadow, and down for ice.

In his scythe form, he will have different taunts. For his down, he will slam the bottom of his scythe to the ground several times like a staff. For his side, he will point his scythe forwards. For his down, he will vibrate and phase in and out for a few seconds.

Don’t need to include costumes. Thanks for reading, you can also use this template to make other character movesets such as NPCs in WoM and AA. Took a long time to write haha!

Self-insertion go brrrr.

Movement: Around the Pit’s speed, with 1 extra jump instead of 4

Utilt: Briefly tap my hand above me with fire, quick but it doesn’t do a lot of damage. Good for jab-locking.
Dtilt: Kick and slide across the floor for a short distance
Ftilt: Swing forward with my Oathkeeper
Jab: 1) punch, 2) slash, 3) flurry attack, jab ends with me punching again this time with fire.

Uair: upwards slash with Oathkeeper
Dair: A slow spike with a huge hitbox, I kick my foot down while it’s powered with fire
Fair: A slash in front of me with oathkeeper, no funny aerial
Bair: I turn and slash behind me, it’s really fast but it’s got a tiny hitbox

Usmash: I plunge Oathkeeper above me, it does extra damage at the tip
Fsmash: A 2 sequence slash attack, the 2nd attack sends opponents flying; there’s a lot of end lag
Dsmash: I throw both of my hands to the floor to the left and right of me and shoot fire (lucarios dsmash)

Ledge: I’ll hold it with my freehand, which is probably my left hand
Uthrow: I throw the opponent up and blast them with fire
Fthrow: I throw my opponent in the direction I’m facing
Dthrow: I raise my sword hand and slash down, it deals a good amount of damage but leaves a lot of end lag
Bthrow: I throw my opponent behind me, and I’ll turn to face the direction I threw them in

Neutral B: 1 wave projectile thrown by my Oathkeeper, there’s a pretty big cooldown though since it travels quickly and goes really far
Up B: I high jump up, it travels up really far and does damage at the base of where I jumped, but it uses a ton of my MP meter
Side B: I’ll place a pillar explosion a short distance away from me, like Palu’s explosion but not as far away and not as fast as hers
Down B: Recharges my MP meter

FS: I freeze the stage and shoot in a straight line across the map, anyone in my line of fire gets knocked back with leftover burn damage

Gimmicks: I have an MP meter that runs out super quickly, and charging it back up takes a while to do. If I run out of MP, I’ll do all my attacks without the added fire damage bonus and I can’t recover. I’m also fast but super easy to knock back since I’m light. A lot of my moves have bad end lag because I am clumsy.
Taunts: I just wanna take off my top hat and bow when my opponent dies, maybe a little fire trail on my fingers

I would get banned at tourneys LMAO

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smash bros skill issue with a long stick to bonk people with