What in the world happened to the AA webcomic's art?

I stopped reading a couple dozen chapters after Theos died because the characters just became really unlikable, and taking a look at the more recent chapters… what the hell hapened? The difference is night and day

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it started a cleaning supply manufacturing business in new york

like 3 or 4 years of art progress does that
the comment above me too

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The necks are really long and thin, looks very uncanny

yea i also noticed the gradual change, the new style in my opinion seems more cartoonish, though its still great

Honestly, it’s more of a shift to a cartoony style than anything… But I do kinda get where you’re coming from with the necks. And I feel like the hair was compromised on, compared to before. That being said, a lot of the scenery and eye details have improved. At the same time though… Yeah, it does kinda feel like the focus fell from the characters’ faces to just everything.

hmm i do look through the old chapters every now and then, holy crap i definitely changed a lot lol

i do worry if i was starting to lack on some things but ty for pointing it out, ill keep those points in mind next time i look through the old stuff


their necks do look very snapable

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Buddy thinks he’s the bracken

Old birds are funnier, but let’s not get out of topic

holy shit if thats the progression of the art the AA webcomic is toast

ngl the art kinda sucked even at the beginning. i kept reading because of the plot (although it’s no NY times bestseller)

there’s a noticeable difference in the art style but it’s nothing that’ll kill the webcomic