What is a headless worth

what is a headless worth compared to other items


Rn it’s worth around a clean / strong sunken sword depending on who you ask, but the value of it will rise over time, and you will be able to get better things with it as other items like sunkens become slightly less valuable due to more of them existing.

Headless is valuable because only a set amount of them exist, they’re cool looking, and the amount of them that will exist drops continuously because of people who own it quitting the game sometimes.

I suggest keeping it.

bruh like it it = to a clean sunken sword

its currently = to a clean ss (sunken sword)
tho people like to overpay with a strong ss

If you dont care about the current market tho and only care about future value then dont do this trade

that’s what I thought because sunken items can easily be replaced in the future

its best to try to get a headless with sunken items for the future, you never know when a headless might be worth an exotic item in AO (that is if they exist)

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yup, thats why if you dont care about the trading market as of rn then keep on to it cuz its only gonna get more valuable over time while sunken value will decrease.

Tho you can turn that clean/strong ss (short term profit) into even more headlesses if you find the right guy to trade with. Basically turning long term valuable item into short term profit into long term profit



please don’t call it that

Just dont think about any other context. Constantly typing sunken sword is just mildly annoying. And it isnt even capitalized

There are currently only about 5971 headless in existence, with most of them being in accounts of people who quit the game. With most of the headlesses currently out of the market, they are one of the most valuable items in the game, as such, they are worth the rarest item you can get in the game currently, which is a sunken sword, it’s worth a clean sunken sword and strong sunken sword for overpay respectively


more than 5k players won it
600 - 700 average player count plus most of them are new players or people that didn’t participate on the event

common sense. Plus people are bound to sell it after the event just wanting crowns. We don’t know how many. but we can assume there are only 200 left. (Includes people who still play.)

How does common sense let you assume that 96% of people who participated in the event will never play again?

I’m not saying that, I’m saying the current player base.

If they aren’t playing the game at this moment, but will in the future, then they haven’t quit the game and the headless heads are still in the economy.

Chances are a good quarter won’t come back or either sold or lost them.

If you’re correct with that estimate, that means around 4500 heads are still in the economy. There might be more if you take into account all of the people who deleted the badge to get another headless head.

I doubt many people actually did that. Those who did do it, from my trading experience no longer play.