What is a scrapped idea that you would like returning?

From all of the scrapped ideas vetex has had over his developing career so far what feature would you like being added?

my friends want the flying ability lol

point and laugh

i didnt know compasses were that complex

you already told us that you very much need the help of the compass. you just sabotaging yourself at this point.

not really scrapped yet but I just want flaunt

Flaunt is planned to come back soon, It’s mentioned in the trello in the Adjustments page.

fall dmg/injury from falling from high place

look at wind knockback build

no reason in particular

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If what i assume about money loss is true, as in losing more money the higher your level is…then we’ll be in dire need of some banks.

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Blue plasma and black glass

(apparently vetex actually experimented with other new colors besides copper and he said they didn’t look good for some reason, though I’ve seen edits of both and the edits look incredible. Another reason is that apparently blue plasma looks more like a lost/ancient but tbh I don’t think anyone would care, you could argue fire/normal plasma looks like flare somewhat anyways)


bro if banks are gonna be added robbing banks might also be added, it doesn’t matter how hard it’ll be people would still do it maybe in groups and stuff

honse, they would definitely work perfectly fine in this game


Paper and ink magic because imagine a conjurer with ink magic and paper weapons. and ice magic but thats a thing.
also can’t their be yellow ice and snow as well as an rgb scale for light because light is all colors?

prolly another boss like the minotaur


the exiled and the minotaur as dark sea bosses

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would only make sense on super big islands like ravenna/mt orthys/blasted rock