What is dark magic?


This line comes from about the end of the lore doc. From my understanding it based on the wording “pure dark magic” it does seem to be an energy rather than just magic used in a way deemed “dark”. It is probably derived from regular magic given that the name is just magic with an adjective in front of it. It seems pretty clear that Durza Acheron was made of the stuff once he became a dark spirit. Maybe the absorption curse and undead revival magic are made of or require it? Though I’m really not sure of that at least not with the absorption curse.

Aside from those things I got nothing, is there any other mentions of Dark Magic in the AU that might shed a bit more light? If not does anyone got any theories?

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Pretty sure “Dark Magic” is just for literacy purposes, and it just means Magic types that were otherwise seen as taboo during the Golden Age of Magic, or just magics that involve themselves with a particularly “evil” or “misdeed”.

Doubt so, pretty sure he was just made out of Spirit Energy which allowed him to surpass have a physical body.

Theres “Darkness” Magic ig lol. (the magic of the Curse used by Kessler Boreas)

Maybe, but the only things that could really fit the bill that Durza had, at least that I’m aware of, is dead revival magic and the absorption curse, in which case it probably would’ve made more sense to say those by name rather than “pure dark magic” which hasn’t been used to refer to them at all before. Like its entirely possible that it is just a term for magics deemed “dark”, but if so its a really weird choice since the term, as far as I’m aware, has never been used prior and the doc doesn’t really clarify what it means here either.

How long has spirit energy been around as a concept in the AU? Cause if I’m not wrong I think Durza becoming a dark spirit and maybe the mention of dark magic were written well beforehand. Though even if that is the case I would not be surprised if it just got changed so it was spirit energy he was made of, it certainly does fit the bill the most.

Clearly Kessler was Hades’ side project.

I guess it’s just meant to be in line with the fact Durza is called a Dark Wizard / Mage

Quite a while, but I think rn its the most relevant it’s ever been with the new Lore Doc Changes.

bro was paid by Hades to reform Winterveil before it was too late :fire: (it was too late)


I wish we could see the edit history of the lore doc cause that thing has been around since fucking 2016. It would make it a lot easier to pin down when certain concepts were made canon and what not.

In all fairness he was given the edgiest curse to fight one of if not the most metal curse in the war seas. Bro never stood a chance.

Yeah, the oldest part of the Lore doc I can remember is the fact that instead of absorbing the Earth Curse, Durza originally absorbed the Fire Curse as his first lol.

this old critique on vetex i think is the oldest currently known version of the lore doc

Checked out this dude’s channel and honestly kinda weird, his last videos are another part of his Vetex rant series and a video of some kid playing piano on the stairs, then 3 years later he posts a video playing a song and then nothing. Very bizarre ngl.

this is dark magic:


no need to thank me :smirk:

Well, I know Creation was already a concept since 2019.

It was concieved as the 2nd of the 11 Unknowns at the time.

This is the earliest mention

Tech also mentions that its possible to absorb it if you have the Absorption Curse, but you’d implode and cause a Big Bang, so its definitely Creation. (Dont think the absorbing part is canon)

Since Magic Energy is likely conceptualized to originate from Chaos at this time, its very possible that Tech and Vetex already thought of the opposite counterpart from Creation at this point too.