What is desync?

Sometimes when I’m pvping and the hitboxes go crazy or something that was perfectly on target completely misses, the people I’m fighting call it desync and im rather confused. Could someone help me out by giving me an explanation on what exactly desync is, and if vetex is ever going to fix it or if its even possible for him to fix and if its based on something like ping that I can control or avoid?

Since attack in AO are client-sided rather than server-sided (basically meaning attacks on your screen may sometimes be at different position than they are on your opponent’s screen due to it being based on your roblox client). Due to this, there can be a de-synchronization between where an attack appears to be and where it actually is.

IIRC he’s tried to do a few fixes to improve it compared to how bad it was in World of Magic, but the issue still exists. Some have said that making attacks server-sided would be a solution, but Vetex has clarified that this wouldn’t necessarily be the case because it would lead to worse performance/lag issues

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improve optimisation of ur computer i used to have the same problem till i switched to an ok gaming pc and got connected to an ethernet cable, i haven’t desynced since and only experience slight delay when i’m in certain servers that aren’t my home server.

ugh i remember this back from wom when the enemy blast would go in a random direction and hit you

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Ah yes spam G when ever they used their blast or beam


never got very far into wom but pvp looked worst than aa imo

lemme give a quick rundown on how attacks usually work on roblox (might not be the case for ao but its the most common method)
-user presses button
-fires remote with info
-server controls hitbox, your pc follows with visuals (psure in ao your pc controls hitbox too)

  • here, your pc contacts the server, which in turn contacts everyone elses pcs to put the attack where it should be
  • attack hits, server sends remotes for damage and stuff

so basically why theres desync is because either your internet’s ping is high (causing disconnect to the server) or the server is lagging, which causes everyones ping to skyrocket.

meaning its not vetexs issue it robloxs issue for using a decade old game engine and never fixing any bugs properly (particles have been bugged for like 500 years bro)

bre prolly needs a better pc cuz the game rlly not even that laggy

pc doesnt matter much as internet, but the older your computer is, the worse the wifi connection might get as the computer slows
but as long as you can run ao 30+ fps then its mostly your internet causing desync

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