What is good way to store money?

Knowing that guilds will be reseted, we wont be able to withdraw money from them in ao, we wont be having banks, whats in YOUR opinnion is the best way to store money in Ao?
Or…whats in YOUR opinnion is the best way to transfer money from WOM to AO?

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Buying fishing rods.

You can buy 1500 crowns worth of them at a time and there is a fishmonger in every town.


You buing wooden rod for 25 crowns, but sell it for 6
Collectors buying for 75, selling for 18

Not stonk :frowning:

I don’t buy wooden + all items sell for 25% their original value, rounded down. They are the highest consistent item you’ll find and they are sold in the most quantity since collector’s and bronze are both sold.

750 for each, 1500 in total.

It’s not good but it’s the best :fr:

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Okay, thanks

if you only want to store money once AO is already out then any alt past level 80 has an infinite crown storage

clan banks still work the same as of now tho which i hope will change

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Im sure that “Withdrawing money from clans” will be not an option real quick. + Guild reset.

there’s no galleon limit past level 80, you get infinite money

Level 1’s watching a max level drop his 4.3 billion galleon bag after dying:Willem Dafoe Looking Up Frightenly At Something - YouTube


theres a limit of 350 on death :frowning_face:


Wait fr? I thought it was just extremely reduced like dropping 20% and you can only pick up 80% of that 20%

Nah the limit is still 350 but yeah you can pick up 80% of that 350

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Scam artist dev

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