What is "Meta" Right now and why

Also what’s is the anti-meta at the moment?

anti meta is having skill

meta (and anti meta) is full resistance and defense trust me

build-wise, alot of people are presuming the meta this update is going to end up being warrior due to sparrow thrust on triasta & it’s size
stat-wise, i’ve seen alot of discussion about high power paired with high armour piercing, but also alot of talk about how size scaling is apparently more horrendous than priot updates

then again we’re still early into the update and people are still figuring things out, it took a couple days for stats such as resistance to be used to their maximum (videos are somewhere on yt props to that fella), so nothing is final

yeah ngl i feel like my Warlord’s attacks became bigger than in the DS update, even though i have lost some points in attack size from the update in general.

i fought both atk speed mages and triasta using warrior and i think mages are stronger

sparrow thrust has huge aoe and is decently fast yes but i’ve fought mages with 1.8k hp, 350 damage per blast, 200 atk speed, and good base atk size

who knows too early to tell

triasta is enormous and has a 2 second cooldown its ridiculous
rip skilled warrior builds

Warrior is dominating since sparrow thrust’s size scaling got fixed with no nerfs in return, but there’ll be balance changes soon with nerfs to the move.

Armor piercing and resistance are also broken right now but theyll be adjusted as well

What are you @Meta