What is next? (vetex completed cooking what's next on the list?)

I don’t know what to put here.

If we’re following Vetex’s list on the trello, “Add Redwake and Frostmill weapons/armors” is next, but, it doesn’t mean other items on the list, or even features not on the To-Do list will be done next.

Probably some bug fixes and additions to pre-existing stuff (cooking primarily) until Vetex decides on what to do next (if he hasn’t already and is just using this in between time to think it out or smth).


Personally I have a feeling that potions will be next, we’re not sure yet til he adds more info to the trello


Cargo, and i think Alchemy(pls)


Well ye…
Cargo means

  • cargo traiding(trade system)
  • Npc ships(way of gettig cargo)
  • Floating cargo(way of getting cargo)
  • Sealed chests(loot in cargo)

So they all tied together


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thank you kind sir im definetely hyped to be fighting npc ships

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I no have naval experience, so they will sink me quickly.

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