What is the Best Magic?

What is the “Best” magic for doing lots of damage right now?

Currently poison is op

Thanks for telling me, do you have any idea how powerful dark magic is? I picked it randomly and was wondering if it is any good.

To be frank, it’s kinda doodoo. Yeah, its dmg may be okay at best but it combos with absolutely NO other magic is slow and its effect just gives colourblindness, which does not effect pvp or npcs in anyway shape or form. Rip for choosing shadow.

poison is actually not nearly as good as people think. Yes, it has a dot that deals double damage, but it doesn’t stack and takes 20 seconds to complete, so it’s more like “every 20 seconds your first attack deals double damage.” It’s also painfully slow, and not too great with clashes. Treat the dot more like “no more hp regen” than an actual damaging effect.

ok, what would you consider?

Plasma is definitely seen as meta right now, it’s basically fire but actually fast enough to hit people. Fire based dots like scorch and burn are twice as effect as poison, at least for a single tick of damage. If you want something that hits harder, gold/iron and magma are slow but good at clashing and have high damage multipliers. Light and lightning, of course, are the fastest so they aren’t bad either.

Thanks a lot. Final question, do you think it’s worth starting over my level 60 account to get one of these? (I would just transfer my items over using a alt and them giving them back)

Bruh poison is op, I got CLAPPED by someone using it earlier

sounds like a you kind of thing

Really, all the Magic’s will get balanced so it doesn’t matter

If you want to be able to deal with stuff over your level, I would suggest a DoT/Bleed Synergy like magma or fire.

If you want to clear underleveled stuff fast, I would suggest a damage threshold effect magic like lightning

I’d say fire or acid. Both have insane damage with its DoT and have good speed (acid also has puddles)

I wouldn’t say Plasma is meta. Yes, its fast and has DoT, but it also deals low impact damage. And, more importantly, it doesn’t look as good as Crystal.

yea crystal is soooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooood i swear

of course, and if we’re going by the “best” magics, paper is definitely number 1.

kinda just depends on your playstyle but for stats im pretty sure fire/plasma

magma is the best magic obviously B)

Yeah, I kinda found that out because I have a REALLY good close range setup for my melees but then i need a further range magic so I can hit people farther away.