What is the coolest fire magic?

uhm acktually heat rises so that would mean that the 1st layer of hell would be a better option :nerd_face:

Fan of Darkflame, only if it were to have a crimson red hue to it

Plain fire is cool

What would ice flame do? Give frostbite?

it would inflict freezing and burning.

…how that works

mmmmm magic

A DoT that synergizes well with both hot and cold magics

Same reson as why there is no water flame lmao. ( it is a pretty cool idea tho, it could give frostburn effect )

I honestly gotta say either Blaze, Flare, or Phoenix, just off of appearances.




Flare, IMO

imagine being able to harness literal STARS as a magic

really sick, and i like the colors


nobody would’ve said promethean flame dw

yeah there is
here you go

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I would say no because it’s not even fire, it’s just superheated lightning. If it did count then it’d be the coolest, though.

if it counts, blaze

otherwise aether fire


Scorch literally no diffs every magic in terms of looks dnc

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