What is the hardest bossfight you've beaten in any game?


For me its Prometheus (pre 1.1) (arcane reborn) or any of the Vergil fights in dmc3.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 - Naruto vs 7 Jinchuriki legendary mode

Arcane Legacy - Ramses II.

Pokémon - I think the champion battle in Sword?

Bakugan games - Marduk (at least when I was 8 or 9, now he’s depressingly easy).


duo, i had too much of a skill issue and a lack of skyward gear :melting_face:

skyward clutched. took me like 100 attempts before I could consistently solo and another 300ish for apoth

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yeah skyward was the goat for pre 1.1 prom
havent done enough post 1.1 to know if its still worth using

congrats on being able to consistently solo

post 1.1 u can stat check. As long as you aren’t on the ground its just q spam with high power/defence

ah, might try to solo in that case. still really need some of his drops. all i’ve gotten is toga pre 1.1 and i traded that a long time ago

300ish runs lol

drop rates in AR are ass rn I wouldn’t bother grinding anything until next update. Apparently they making the grind better

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yea i hear they’re making LWs craftable in some way
weird changes but i’m not against making the game more accessible

Wily Capsule from Mega Man 7
no contest
needed 4 e tanks to beat it anyway

These maps on hard mode:

Ultra Necrozma, Pokemon Ultra Moon, as an oblivious 11 year old or whatever.

Any souls game

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daytime EOL & master mode moon lord

and MEAC eol too prolly

I two shotted them.

In pokemon, probably ultra necrozma. Just walled the thing with a metagross lol

For something else, probably Giygas from Esrthbound because the rest of the game is so difficult.

I guess eternity mode mutant from Fargo’s Soul, (pre-visual rework), scal death mode from Calamity or Pure Vessel from Hollow Knight.

Now that I think about it, I have not solo’d empress of light yet.

Its either Titan from shadow fight 2 or lord ellius