What is the highest possible speed on a ketch and how do I obtain it?

I currently and am able to reach a speed of 75, but I wanna know what are the best items to make me go even faster?

Hemp Sailcloth and I believe there’s a wooden trim that increases speed, also enchant both parts with swift

I have the wooden trim that boosts speed, I just need to get swift scrolls

I WILL have a bullet train boat in arcane odyssey


wooden hull (reinforced if you want defense too, its just rarer) and hemp sailcloth. Use sailor crew and edward kenton. Actually recommend getting some resilience too since without it, your boat is MUCH slower when not facing the wind

I have reinforced wooden hull let’s gooo :joy:

The sailors are already equipped and kenton and enzior are both on my ship

I just need to get a hemp sailcloth + swift scrolls for maximum S P E E D

102 speed is max. Swift Hemp Sailcloth, Swift Wooden Trim and you need to unequip cannons cause they slow ship down.

What about deckhands

those are kinda tough to get ngl

maximum speed on a ketch is around 120
3 maxed deckhands (speed), and all of the above

You’ll need legendary speed deckhands so have fun grinding for renown : )

buddy of mine has a ketch w somewhere around 125 speed from having four legendary speed deckhands, dude goes mach speed its wild

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How do you know wind direction? I play on 3 or lower graphics BTW