What is the most painful area to fight in?

Which area is the most difficult to fight in when a confrontation between a player or an npc occurs?
  • Clearings/Open fields
  • Forests
  • Beaches
  • Ruins
  • Bodies of Water
  • Bronze Grasslands
  • Major Settlements
  • The Volcano
  • Caves
  • Arenas

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Choose up to 3 options
And possibly elaborate on your reasons for choosing the following area/areas.

all bad reps should be choosing major settlements
fighting in water with lightning magic is hard

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did ur browser have a stroke?

Nothing changed when I reloaded the page and re-voted, so I am not sure.

I chose
Damn waterholes everywhere
Bronze Grasslands
The tall grass man, the tall grass.
I swear the trees are speaking the very moment I am talking right now.

The most painful area to be in is lag

Bodies of Water: annoying to deal with for specific magics, e.g. lightning, ash, etc.

Major Settlements: worst for bad reps, can cause threats to occur during (killing civilians or damaging property) or after (killing the player) the battle

Forests: trees get in the way of fighting, and people can hide in the leaves and flee

Major settlements - not because MC but because more lag.

Forests - because people love to run, and I hate to chase, we either actually fight or we don’t, that’s how I like it.

you forgot in oceans where you need to take note of your oxygen thingy unlike those “bodies of water”

Have you fucking seen the MC Soldiers walk on lava like Jesus himself!?

the game.

Well I guess you could say that.

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