What is the objectively best, and so meta, magic for mage?

But every increment lightning decreases shadow decreases one more and it’s still basically the same size except shadow is just more base dmg by a significant margin and lightning is only barely ahead with a synergy (which shadow + poison again just does better)

anything below 50% would be easier to hit using lightning though, thanks to the speed

Not that much easier when your blast become near hitscan, javelin actually beating dagger throw in speed by a shit ton, and beam being effective hitscan anyways

98% accuracy going to 99% accuracy isn’t gonna be some huge victory for lightning

There are very very very few scenarios you’d land lightning but miss shadow

Also again I don’t think you’ve been addressing this but shadow + poison just does more damage with more size even if you played the exact same way as lightning + water

here, il say this:

I see your points. For blank, quick turreting and responses to attacks, shadow is best thanks to it being independent and not needing other magics. It has no weaknesses (other than its middling clashrates), it has great arcanium, and you can use it with any magic and get the full benefit of that magic.

Lightning requires more setup, and depends more on other magics. While it can give a disadvantage thanks to it needing these other factors to excel, when soaked is applied it does, in my opinion, outweigh shadow. And while the magic unfortunately doesent have the best arcanium, it has much better speed, clashrates, and a teleport reflex.

Again, you’re still ignoring the blatant fact shadow can just psuedo copy lightning water and be better at it

I hope that summarizes it well, although I did do run-ons a bit too much.

perhaps it can, in my opinion lightning is just slightly better when soaked, that’s just what I think. It’s fine if you think differently, especially if it’s only like a 10% difference after all.

Ya but how is it better if you can just do the same thing with more dmg overall on shadow

Like actually take any reasonable scenario of lightning + water and then take that same scenario, sub in all lightning attacks for shadow and sub in all water attacks for poison

I personally prefer speed, so I may be biased towards lightnings’ stat layout. If one is truly better than the other, though, it’s by a slim margin.

consider shadow + metal, i have one and you get metals resistance aura and close range potential, a beam like piercing shot, and still get all of shadow

I’m only playing into your idea that your second magic somehow makes your 1st crazy better, you can obviously go that, that’s simply an example of even how in the case of synergies, shadow outperforms lightning

This all is not to say Lightning is a bad magic, it’s definitely top 4 minimum but shadow is just a direct upgrade

how about for the top 4

shadow, lightning, magma, light?

Replace magma with wood and swap light and lightning’s places

wood? il have to look into that, I always considered magma to be better when running size but then again there aren’t many wood users to compare it against.

Wood is just better earth in a sense, a bit smaller, significantly more damaging, a lot faster, and great arcanium

how does this have literally anything to do with the best arcanium

fire’s arcanium is actually pure ass I’ma be real

yeah it is rn
but 100% power efficiency will be swagtacular