What is the objectively best, and so meta, magic for mage?

in an argument with @DeronChepem

  • Acid
  • Ash
  • Crystal
  • Earth
  • Explosion
  • Fire
  • Glass
  • Ice
  • Light
  • Lightning
  • Magma
  • Metal
  • Plasma
  • Poison
  • Sand
  • Shadow
  • Snow
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Wood
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Ha bro just wants to argue

im trying to prove a point dawg
ever heard of evidence?

Ye but ur not gonna get any haha

shadow is winning :mariomug:

Optie what second magic should I pick for my shadow mage

shadow has no positive pair ups exept for being cool to pair with light

does shadow work underwater

Ye so just a magic that will complement it. Glass?


it doesnt

maybe poison or ash glass would be cool

pick wind

you barely use second magic anyways (coming from someone who has 0 post awakening lvl mages)


Ye i used to just use lightning on my lightning water mage

this shit so childish :sob:
this kid seems underage

Bro why are u so toxic

proves my point

glass ult art multiblast can basically instakill most people if you hit it

Ye but as the 2nd magic I can’t get ult art yet