What is the PERFECT savant?

What are your ideas on the perfect savant build? This isn’t limited to just the present, you can also theorize for later on down the road when we get more stat points.

Also, don’t be afraid to share what savant build you currently main.

:lightning_magic_var2: :plasma_magic_var2: :fire_magic:

My idea for a perfect savant is a fire-thermo-magma savant. later on, everything will synergize.

-melting boosts the damage of thermo and fire
-burning boosts the damage of magma and thermo
-seared boosts the damage of magma and fire by 17% -poison from ptd will boost the damage of magma, fire, and thermo.
-scalded from fire-imbued sunken will boost the damage of fire and magma by 15%
-bleeding from weps will increase the damage of magma and fire by 20%, and also increase thermo as well.

Don’t know if this is the “perfect” savant, and you might have heard me say this before, but I’m making a savant that’s using sailor, earth, and dense argos weapons, I shall not be a meager AOE demon, no, I shall ascend to AOE Godhood.

Also I’ll have fire magic I can imbue onto sailor for scalded. Bonus if I can get the spirit imbue on without investing any vit for a little extra size and lifesteal. Though that depends on how much I can deal with reduced damage.

dear god

savant is gonna go from having microscopic abilities to moves as big as sameria itself, isn’t it?

I don’t care if it gets nerfed later, I just need it to be ridiculously power for just a bit after it comes out so I can absolutely abuse it

not really the perfect savant
but ill have Fire Magic, Wind Magic, Karate, Sunken Sword, Centaur Great bow and Eagles Patrimony when im level 250

Vitality:100 Magic:150 Strength:120 Weapons:130

Eagle-Fire Magic
Q: Red Behemoth | Blast
E: 10xSnare
R: Flame Control | Explosion-Place-Shockwave
F: Pyro Blade | Beam
V: Leap
C: Javelin
X: Fire Roar | 15xBeam
Z: Aura

Eagle-Wind Magic
Q: Gale Slicer | Blast
R: 5xExplosion-Place-Pillar
V: Aero | 2xLeap
X: 5xBlast

Q: Crash
E: Consecutive Kuckles | 20xRushdown
R: 2xSmash-Slam
F: Destructive Fist | Shot
X: Flying Kick | Smash-Shockwave

Eagle-Fire-Karate-Sunken Sword
Q: Tiger Rush
E: Flying Slash
R: Sword Draw: Flash Strike
F: Rising Tide

Eagle-Wind-Karate-Centaur Greatbow
Q: Quickdraw
R: Rain Of Arrows

Fire-Eagles Patrimony
Q: Spirit Blast
E: Spirit Wall
R: Astrapikis

Centaur great-bow might be swapped out with an arcanium bow its just there isn’t a lot of info on arcanium weapons

once mastery awakening is added ill go
Eagles Patrimony-Fire Magic-Karate-Sunken Sword which theoretically could do both scald and paralyze and with the vitality rework all my attack can help recover health if spirit energy is imbued and karate will probably improve my grabs so when imbued it’ll improve tiger rush on sunken sword I can also imbue wind magic on to a centaurs great bow when its added which is a strength weapons which is most likely slow but wind magic might speed it up a bit

Also you best bet i`m gonna give my spells and techniques cool name

right now, probably magma + lightning + Ileg + idk just any good weapon
magma has a long and powerful dot, so it’s a good tool for keeping up pressure
lightning is fast, and it does 10% more damage against melting targets, along with a 25% damage increase against bleeding targets
Ileg applies bleed for lightning, and has good size (something savant is missing)
weapons could also be used to apply bleed, but eh
you could use ptd for more status spam

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Magma Poison Iron Leg poison tooth dagger scald tooth dagger and a spirit weapon with bleeding.

high damage imbues hahahaha.

also the best builds for max stats would be light thermo light spirit weapon claws, Explosion boxing (or iron leg no clue) explosion spirit weapon and greatsword, metal iron leg musket multi pistol metal spirit weapon.

well there isnt a perfect savant the best one that we can play currently is lightning sailorfist. Lightning is an extremely overpowered magic inherently (due to its affinities and stats mainly), so its common to see people pair it with the manual stun synergy of sailorfist, and of course have at least 50 weapons to be able to use old weapons.

How about underwater fight?

Magma removes poison cloud

There is a spirit weapon that with same affinities.

Tho nothing is perfect inherently. If you like the build then thats what makes it perfect

that happens so rarely (at least in my case) that this doesent really affect how good a build is. But even then you can still use your fstyle + all three weapons, so your not helpless

juSt so you know, fighting style and weapond are almost useless undewater. Unless you use m1, making sharks get close enough to bite you and if unlucky enough, you will encounter gigantic sea monster which m1 will not suffice.

25/25/25/25 vitality/magic/weapon/strength

anything else is weak and will not survive the winter

Lightning is just the better option anyways tho because the spirit weapon has only one move

I want to make a saskue build, fire savant with lighting as 2nd magic, with katana, and boxing with hand wraps.

Or i could make make itachi as mage with fire as first and shadow 2nd

slow gigasize set: sailor, frostmetal, boxing

speedster set: thermo, flare, ileg/fire

bleedstacking: slash, ileg, glass

hydration (joke): wave, sailor, water

replace wave with lunar as wave is magic energy IIRC not water of some form (lunar is basically night time water from what i can gather

Anyway back here for perfect savant. likelyhood is that savant will be able to get all base unlocks for ancient magics if they put 50% of their stats in magic. they will also be able to possibly get lost FS as well