What is the strongest faction in AO?

Note: Factions, not nations.

This includes the Gravy, Ass, Greenwish cult, and the Jureseva

do you mean. factions??

Fraction is a math term. You mean “Faction”

Sorry, my brain isnt working properly :skull:

Gnavy: Surely…they dont have any interanl corruption…
AS: I guess they are the strongest ones, as they have their part even inside the Gnavy.
Cult: No lamb?
Spire Bandits: “Academical comeback”
News Company: Probably just spies and whatever. They pay people for info.

I’m thinking
Grand Navy: Probably the strongest since it’s been hinted to have SOME connection with the order of aesir by Edward
Assassin Syndicate: Close second
Greenwish Cult: Not all that strong, most likely self-trained
Juraserva: Strong by intelligence, not by raw strength, probably.

Information is Power

and Jureserva has a lot of information



silly wizards

the Order of Aesir

order of asier or gravy tbh possibly greenwish because of cernunno(not likely though unless cernunno has a sea curse)

juraserva can tell when I sink a ship in one hit at the top left corner of the bronze sea when literally no one else was there
or if I kill a sea monster
or even if I get killed

Juraserva when they manipulate information because everyone seems to trust them: