What is the weirdest and/or scariest dream you've had? And, also, if you've ever had sleep paralysis what happened?

Once when I was in like second grade, I had a dream where I was walking to the kitchen where my parents were. They told me to go talk to the boy. I walked out of the kitchen and when I got near the closet (where we keep jackets and stuff), HE ATE MY HEAD OFF! The last thing I saw was his white teeth…

…but I think we’ve all had that dream where you somehow forgot your clothes at home and you’re in school and everyone is looking at you and laughing…

I remember having sleep paralysis once though for a very short time. I’ve wanted it to happen to me for a long time since I saw so many videos about sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming and I knew that when sleep paralysis would happen to me I would TAKE CONTROL and see what I want to see if you know what I mean…
…anyways so I woke up and I was just staring at my wall and my back was faced to the door of my bedroom, and I think I tried to move but I was having a silence of dawn and was in a relaxed state so I wasn’t thinking anything about it, and then some HOBO STARTED TICKLING MY BACK WITH HIS FINGERS AND WAS YELLING/LAUGHING HUHUHUHUH LIKE HE’S THE MINOTAUR AND I SWEAR HE STARTLED/SCARED ME SO MUCH THAT I JUMPED OUT OF SLEEP PARALYSIS AND LOOKED BEHIND ME AND HE WAS GONE SCARIEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE NGL

So what’s the weirdest and/or scariest dream (and/or sleep paralysis) you’ve ever had?

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one time i had a dream and then realized it was a dream and I tried to use this to my advantage by using my knowledge that everything is a dream to control the world but then everything got bright and i heard a very loud sound and i felt like i was being crushed.

some god of my dreams decided no

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Reminds me of that one time I was having a dream and I was in my grandma’s house and I was in 3rd person mode and then I ran to some place in the house and then I was like, “Wait, am I…dreaming?” Then I woke up and was so mad because I could’ve lucid dreamed right then and there

one time i had a dream where i was in my room but everything was… weird… none of my plushies were there (i have like a lot), there were weird neon blue glowing circles spotted randomly and there was a red X above my bed, I don’t know why but the aura was threatening

i had this dream about my crush

so basically

the area was like…foggy

there were two buses,which i took to mean it was a school trip

and now,this crush of mine(previous one),we rarely talked

as in,she left me on read a lot

so in this bus

i was looking for a seat

and she offered the seat beside her

and then i woke up

and i cried

cause i missed her so much

but now im okay

i have a new crush yayay

Yesterday I had a dream where the mafia invited me over for the dinner and sent me to a alternate plane of reality where some dude with a destruction ray tried to kill me.
Why are my dreams like this.

I had a dream where I died over and over so basically just an endless death loop

Most of my dreams aren’t too weird, but there is this recuring theme of ninjas coming outta nowhere trying to get me, then I start swinging my arms wildly and somehow start flying to run away. Then I materialize a weapon, usually a sword or just a l o n g s t i c k, and go back to fight the ninjas then I continue with my business.

I had sleep paralysis only once and fairly recently. I woke up in the middle of the night and I saw a dark man in my room, I tried standing up but ofc couldn’t and started feeling pressure on my chest as I started breathing more heavily. Then the man began approaching me and I tried to call for someone, I believe I tried saying “hey mom” but no words came out of my mouth and the man continued approaching me and he leaning over me while I lied down. That’s when I figured out what is going on and the paralysis ended and I started sweating after the whole thing. The “shady man” was my hoodie I just left hanging in front of the window…


I had sleep paralysis 2-3 times the funniest one was when I was like 4 and I “woke up” but couldn’t move but I could move my eyes so I looked around and saw BARNEY THE MOTHER FLIPPING DINO IN THE CORNER and he slowly walked towards me and sat on me, then I woke up, nice times, the other sleep paralysis stories are just sad so ain’t listing them here.

I was lucid dreaming and i told everyone in my dream that i was dreaming, and they tried to convince me that i wasn’t dreaming and i was just crazy. Then i said ill slap the strongest person in the school to show i was in a dream, and i did that and he started laughing and i got so scared i woke myself up. (i was scared cause when im lucid dreaming i can feel pain and didn’t want to fight him)

Flat Mokey Mouse laying on the floor at my doorstep.

Me dreaming about world of magic and some guy building like fortnite in that game lol

jk, but I once I had a weird dream of me in AA because I very much like world of magic and aa

In my one of my scariest dreams zombies got into my house and I ran inside the bathroom and barely locked it in time and then a zombie broke his head through the door and looked at me at the other side of the bathroom. In another one I was at school with a big crowd of people and we closed off the part we were in by bringing out a retractable glass wall like the one they put up when they close the school but zombies got in through another door and then we sprinted outside and I was running as fast as I could but some people behind me including an adult coach went back to go fight them and I heard their screaming and then I found a bathroom that looked like the bathrooms we have at school and I hid myself in a stall hoping they wouldn’t find me but then a really big fat zombie came and didn’t fit through the doorframe even though the door was open and they literally broke the sides of the door frame and got in and then I woke up.

i keep having dreams where i do really bad on a very important assignment for school then I wake up thanking that it was a dream then I actually wake up

other than that I’m naked at some place

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me and my family are at this luxury city or something and then at night there’s this monster that no one can kill and eats your stomach it was fucing scary

Alright so I had this dream where some weird yellow furry version of Mike Wazowski was running towards me when I was 5/6.

I woke up and I think my uncle told me to buy him some beer so i went outside and ran to our shop as quick as I could but when I got there it was closed, so I tried calling for my mom she didn’t respond so I went back to my grandma crying. My parents thought a robber broke in since the door made sounds when I closed it and they found me at my Grandma’s Room crying

(This happened when i was younger)

Even reading this entire thread is making my heart beat faster